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Stay Smarter & Safer Online

Navigate for Homeschool Families


With comprehensive online modules customized for kids, teens, and parents, we make it easy to help your family be smarter and stay safer in the digital world.


Our comprehensive learning modules are available entirely online and each one is designed to take 15 minutes or less to complete. Modules can be easily accessed from any device connected to the internet.

We provide two different levels of learning materials based on age: Younger Kids (Ages 9-12) and Older Kids (Ages 13+).

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Engaging and Informative Video

Each module contains a 5-10 minute video with real world examples and practical tips.

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Interactive Knowledge Checks

At the conclusion of each video, there are a series of knowledge checks to assess comprehension.


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Digital Citizenship

A review of the five key characteristics that define a responsible digital citizen.

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A guide to the roles involved in cyberbullying, understanding the difference between a Bystander and an Upstander, and what to do if you become the target of cyberbullying.

Icon for Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint

An understanding of how everything in the digital world is permanent and nothing is ever really private.

Icon for Online Safety and Security

Online Safety & Security

How you can better protect your personal information and the steps you can take to keep your children safer in the digital world.

Icon for Media Literacy

Media Literacy

How to use all of this information at our fingertips more wisely and whether or not to believe everything you read or see.


Icon for Continue the Conversation for Parents

Continue the Conversation for Parents

These modules provide helpful family discussion questions that allow parents to engage with their kids and dig deeper into topics.

Icon for Digital World Etiquette

Digital World Foundation for Little Kids

Designed for kids ages 5-8, this module gives younger children some basic concepts for online behavior.


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