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Neptune Navigate understands the confusion and uncertainty facing the church community in today's unprecedented environment. We understand that much - if not all - of your interaction with your congregation will be online for the foreseeable future. So let’s make sure that as you are engaging with your congregation online that you are also teaching them how to be smarter and stay safer in the digital world.

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Why your church should consider Neptune Navigate.


The vast majority of churches routinely engage with their congregations using some type of technology, whether that be email, social media, apps or websites. With this being the case, wouldn’t it make sense that churches provide guidance on the responsible use of technology?

Neptune Navigate is a turnkey solution for churches that understand the importance of teaching responsible digital citizenship. It features online, self-paced learning modules that teach the staff and congregation how to be smart and safe in the ever-changing digital world.

Online Learning Modules

Each month, church staff and congregation members receive access to our comprehensive learning modules via a secure link to our website. Modules are designed to take no more than 15 minutes to complete. Each module covers a specific topic and is customized for:

  • Adults
  • Youth (13+)
  • Kids (Under 13)

Button for Online Learning Modules - Videos


Approximately 5 minutes, highly engaging and informative video about the current month's topic.

Button for Online Learning Modules - Interactive Reading

Interactive Reading

Short, interactive "knowledge checks" to help reinforce key messages.

Button for Online Learning Modules - Family Discussion Questions

Family Discussion Questions

Specific actions you can take as a family.

12 Modules Provided

Modules are released at the beginning of each month.

Recommend timeline for viewing Navigate for Churches, Modules 1-6

Recommend timeline for viewing Navigate for Churches, Modules 7-12

Simplified Access

Modules are accessed by congregation members and staff via secure link to our website.

Simplified Access to Navigate for Churches
Supporting Materials

Although the modules contain all of the information needed for each month’s topic, additional materials are provided for churches that want to enhance the program.

Supporting Materials - Nav Alerts

Nav Alerts

Anytime there is breaking news, such as a particular app or the latest potentially harmful social media challenge, we will send out a "Nav Alert" to make sure your church is aware. Nav Alerts will be emailed to the primary contacts or church point person.

Supporting Materials - Social Media Posts

Social Media Posts

Ready-to-post social media content is provided so that key messages for that month's topic can be shared on church social media sites or websites.

Supporting Materials - Resource Library

Resource Library

The Resource Library provides additional reading materials for congregation or staff members who wish to dig deeper into the various topics covered. These reading materials also include links to original articles or videos for a more in-depth look at that topic.

Navigate Inspire

Our Chief Navigator, Christina Jontra, has been a featured speaker at events all across the country. She tailors her presentations to the audience and has received rave reviews from children, parents, and staff alike. For an additional fee (not part of the base subscription price) and subject to availability, Christina can come present at your church to the audience or audiences of your choosing.

  • Chief Navigator Christina Jontra presents the concept of Digital Footprint to the audience.
  • Chief Navigator Christina Jontra demonstrates Neptune Navigate to a School District.
  • Chief Navigator Christina Jontra presents Neptune Navigate to parents at a private school assembly.
  • Chief Navigator Christina Jontra introduces Digital Citizenship to students in an Intermediate School.
  • Chief Navigator Christina Jontra gives an audience the big picture of the importance of Digital Citizenship.
Ready to Get Started?

The annual subscription price for Neptune Navigate starts at $500, depending on the size of your congregation. Contact us to schedule a short presentation to learn more about how Neptune Navigate is right for your church and to receive a customized quote.