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Comprehensive Online Modules that teach kids, teens, and adults how to be smart and stay safe in the Digital World.

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All this technology that most of us carry in our pockets can be really exciting and incredibly powerful. But as we learned from Spiderman, with great power, comes great responsibility.

Christina Jontra

Neptune Navigate

Christina Jontra is a lifelong educator and learner who is a sought-after speaker and guide on the topic of Digital Citizenship. She has the incredible ability to communicate the importance of this topic and to inspire specific actions across all age groups. She took her passion for Digital Citizenship and used it to launch Neptune Navigate, a service designed to help schools, churches, and families navigate all things digital.

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Tips for Parents

When my kids were little, I would take them to the playground, but I wouldn't just drop them off and leave them there alone. Today's kids are playing in a digital playground, and we have to go there with them.

Christina Jontra

Neptune Navigate

You can see our 5-Step Action Plan for families along with other important tips by visiting our Tips for Parents section. For ongoing tips and information, be sure to follow us on Facebook.

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